Phase 1

Arup completed the first phase of the project in 2014.  The objective of this phase is to identify the need for a scheme initially.  Whilst the need for a scheme will be influenced by Government Policy and all current planning policy, it is also necessary to define the existing problems using quantifiable performance indicators i.e. evidence based analysis of the transport issues.   These performance indicators are subsequently re-evaluated during the later stages of the project to assess the suitability of any potential solutions in addressing the deficiencies identified at the outset.

In addition, in assessing the need for a particular scheme, the integration of the scheme with public transport and/or other transport modes is assessed.  Other forms of transport and/or other non-road options are examined as possible alternatives to the scheme.

A Project Brief was prepared to outline the objectives of the project and its intended outputs in terms of its key functional and operational outcomes.  This is updated at all subsequent phases of the project.

Linked is the Phase 1 Preliminary Appraisal Report.