Constraints Study

The Constraints Study addresses all constraints on the proposed scheme, including human beings, archaeology and cultural heritage, agronomy, landscape and visual, hydrology, hydrogeology, ecology, geology, material assets, planning policy, noise, air and climate.

July 2014 – Public Consultation No.1 – Constraint Study

Public consultations are used to inform the public of our studies to date and to hear their views.  Public Consultation No.1 took place over 2 days, on 14th July 2014 at the Westwood Hotel and on 15th July 2014 at the Pillo Hotel.  You can view the documents on display at public consultation No.1 by clicking on the links below.

Briefing Document No.1 – 8th July 2014

Poster No.1 Welcome Page

Poster No.2 Is there a problem?

Poster No.3 What are the transport issues?

Technical Map showing Engineering, GAS , ESB, Cultural Heritage Constraints

Technical Map showing Landscape & Agronomy Constraints

Technical Map showing Socio Economic, Noise, Geology, Hydrogeology Constraints

Technical Map showing Ecological Constraints

Poster No.4 Habitats Directive Article 6

Technical Map showing Ecological Constraints – Lough Corrib cSAC Habitat Mapping

Poster No. 5 Next Steps

2 Page Information Leaflet

Submit Your Comments

Your comments are very valuable as additional constraints will be identified through this feedback and will help inform our development of options.Please submit your comments on the following form and return by email or post to the project office by 14th August 2014.

Comment sheet

What happens next?

Following the Constraints Study public consultation No.1, the questionnaires received from the public will be processed and all new constraint data will be incorporated into the constraints study.  Options will be developed to fit within and around constraints.  There will be further consultation to show all options developed.