Alternative Design Options # 5 N84 Ballindooley to Ballybrit – 27/10/15

Two alternative design options have been developed for the Ballindooley, Castlegar and Ballybrit areas following feedback received during the public consultation sessions, landowner meetings and submissions from the public. The design team had on site consultation with landowners in this area last week and have further consultations this week. Please find the drawings of the alternative design options at the links below:

GCOB-SK-D-091 to 096 (N84 to Ballybrit – Option A & B)

GCOB-SK-D-097 to 098 (N84 to Ballybrit – Option A & B Overall)

We are seeking submissions and comments to the project office on the alternative design options before 6 November 2015 to ensure that all feedback is incorporated into the design review. However please note that submissions are welcomed throughout all stages of the project. The submission can include a preference of an option, positive and negative comments and any other suggestions that you think should be considered.

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