Design Update: N17 Tuam Road and Twomileditch – 16/03/2017

Following further assessment undertaken as part of the design process, which included a road safety audit, peer review and traffic analysis, the design has been updated in the N17 Tuam Road and Twomileditch area to incorporate the required changes. The drawing at the following link shows the new current design and proposed development boundary: GCOB-SK-D-823 – N17 Tuam Rd Junction and Parkmore Link Rd Junction Plan Layout

Description of the Design: The N17 Tuam Road Junction layout has been modified by removing the double eastbound and westbound slip roads. The junction retains full movement with access provided in all directions when combined with the Parkmore Link Road Junctions. Dual lanes in either direction are provided on the existing N17 Tuam Road in the vicinity of the junction to enhance capacity. The drainage design has also been updated to reflect these design changes.