Design Update: Na Foraí Maola and Troscaigh– 27/02/2017

Following further assessment undertaken as part of the design process, which included a road safety audit, peer review and traffic analysis, the staggered junctions on the Forramoyle and Trusky (Paintbox) Road have been changed to a combined overbridge junction. The drawing at the following link shows the new current design and proposed development boundary: GCOB-SK-D-816 – Na Forai Maola to Troscaigh

Description of the Design: The junction comprises of a link road north and south of the proposed N6 Galway City Ring Road (GCRR) that connects via a bridge structure that is located between the Forramoyle and Trusky (Paintbox) Road. The local roads will not have direct access onto the N6GCRR. The R336 Coast Road and the Bearna-Moycullen Road will be the closest access points. Vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained along the local road network and will be segregated from the mainline traffic of the N6 GCRR. The link roads and bridge structure will have one lane in either direction with a hard shoulder on either side. The junctions on the local road will not be signalised junctions and will not include road lighting.

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