Route Selection Report: Volume 3B – Appendices Part 2

Volume 3B – Appendices Part 2 – Table of Contents

A.5.1 Lough Corrib Route Options

A.5.2 Coastal Route Options Report

A.5.3 On-line Report

A.5.4 2006 GCOB

A.5.5 Cyan Route Option

A.6.1 Public Consultation No. 2

A.6.2 Road Safety Impact Assessment Phase 2

A.6.3 Potential Impact Ratings

A.7.1 Green2 – Blue2 Switch Route Option Report

A.7.2 Cost Benefit Analysis Report

A.7.3 Road Safety Audit Stage F Report (Part 1)

A.7.5 Recorded Archaeological and Architectural Heritage Sites

A.8.1 Public Consultation No. 3

Route Selection Report: 2006 GCOB Route Option Report (A.5.4) Figures

Route Selection Report: Cyan Route Option Report (A.5.5) Figures

Route Selection Report: Green2 to Blue2 Switch Report (A.7.1) Figures